Wednesday, May 18, 2022

May 2022 Pickups

 Picked up a couple 'new' cards this month.  Nothing really special - just nice additions.

1)  Black Scribble w/ Loop with a super small saw-cut.  

2)  FF with a slight doubled red and blue ink on the knob.  

Friday, May 6, 2022

FF "Mystery Card" Lot uncovered!

More Mystery FF card info.

I knew it would happen eventually.  Prior to this month, I'd only seen a couple dozen or so FF "Mystery" cards.  A few each year at best.  That all changed when a fellow FF collector was able to acquire about 1500 of these from one seller located NW of Philadelphia!  These all came from an Antique store and were brought in many years ago.  

1500 or so identical FF "Mystery" cards - all covered in plastic Saran wrap and placed in 800ct boxes.

As I've said before - these aren't your typical fake reprints.  Many of the card aspects are actually better than the original 1989 Fleer FF.  

The only information from this find that is worth noting is that these cards came from the Philadelphia area (think Fleer).  To me, that increases the possibility that these originated at Fleer.  Who knows?  The hunt for info continues......

Link to FF "Mystery Card" info:

Link #1