Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Nov. '18 Card of the Month - Whiteout

This version is controversial to say the least.  Even now, I don't know for sure if this is a real version or not.  I've seen hundreds of examples of 'whiteouts' and would like to believe that some are 'real'.  Fuzzy ovals covering the bat knob, white circles or box patterns, white stripes, whiteout correction fluid - you name it.  Here are 4 examples that were authenticated by 3rd party grading companies:
Some of these clearly have the Black Box underneath.  Why is that?  Has anyone seen one on top of a rack pack?  I've heard stories of people pulling these from wax packs - but nothing has been confirmed.  Some people have told stories of employees smuggling out weird or different versions from the factory.  Who made them?  How were they made?  We may never know.  Buyer beware on these.