Saturday, December 24, 2016

Early Christmas

A HUGE thanks to Andrew Daviduk!  I was able to acquire a few HUGE cards for my FF collection this week.  Here are the two highlights:
1) Ultra Rare uncut or non-sawcut Circle Scribble.  This is the #2 version or "CS2" out of the 4 Circle Scribble varieties.  Only one I've ever seen without the factory sawcut!  I now have all 4 CS card varieties in both sawcut and non-sawcut form.

2) Super cool print freak FF card.  This one has the popular Jose Canseco 40/40 card #628 partially printed on top.  Someone probably found this while diving into a dumpster outside the Fleer plant.  This card is beautiful and certainly unique.  Both the FF and the #628 were located on the bottom middle of their respective factory sheets making it easy to see how this 'error' was made.
Needless to say, Andy will be making some of his rare collection available soon.  Please contact him directly at and visit his current eBay listings HERE

Sunday, December 18, 2016

December Pickup

2 months in a row - adding a FF rack pack.  This one is special.  Being a Griffey fan, I've always dreamed of finding an unopened rack pack with both the Griffey Rookie and the FF showing on top.  Dream came true!  Beautiful example of the Griffey next to the FF and all 3 cards facing the same direction.  The FF is even the center card!  Probably my pickup of the year.