Sunday, January 9, 2022

Linking the FF to Star Wars?

 Never thought I'd see this.  A couple months ago, I saw a few images online of a Star Wars parody action figure with a trading card attached featuring someone with a #7 baseball jersey and something written on the end of the bat......

That intrigued me.  Who did this?  Why was it done?  The Force is strong with this one!

Created by Katerpillar Toys (Instagram) and debuted at the Designer Con 2021 in Anaheim last November.  It's a little known Star Wars figure with a link to Billy Ripken?  I dug into it a little...

"Yak Face" was seen for a second or two on Jabba the Hut's ship in Return of the Jedi.  In 1985, Kenner concluded their production of action figures and "Yak" was only sent out to Canada and Europe for retail.  He became a rarity to collectors and developed a cult following.  Yak has his own website for collectors: & on Instagram.

According to Wookieepedia, Yak Face's real name is Saelt-Marae and is described as a con-man.  He supposedly survived the explosion on Jabba'a barge.  Sean Crawford is credited as the mime artist/puppeteer in the movie.  His birthdate is 11/13/58 - and they listed that on the back of the cards.

I reached out to Katerpillar and was sent a dozen cards - all the different versions.  Very impressive.  Black Box, Whiteout, refractors, B/W "Test Run" version and even a FACE auto.  All with fully detailed backs.  So cool!  Thanks guys!  Check out their work.  Yakmoe "Face" Facinski.  Yet another F@#K "FACE"!